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Welcome to our website. The information you consume here tells the story about our passion and expertise in the niche of flooring.


We are a flooring company in Galway engaged in both flooring installation and maintenance services. We do our best to satisfy our customers by providing them the value that surpasses their investments.


As you browse our site pages, we encourage you to contact us using any of the provided means:

  • complete the contact or free quote form, or

  • call us by phone

  • You can also email us.

We will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible to provide answers to your questions or quote inquiries.


We at Super Floor are ready to deliver superb quality flooring installation and maintenance services to you at affordable prices.

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Quality Flooring - The Reasons Behind

Our Quality Results

Our training, passion for the jobs, work approach, ethics and use of technology have greatly improved our delivery over the years.

Our numerous customers have known us for quality and long-lasting jobs and have been spreading the news.

We guarantee high-quality final results for your money. So, do not hesitate to contact us any time for our services.


Read more on the individual factors that contribute to our quality output below on this page.

Extra Value Added

To keep us in business, we consider building relationships with our customers as paramount. The Superfloor team ensures customers are happy and satisfied.


We don’t just deliver services, we deliver with extra values for free. We advise on how to maintain and keep flooring materials lasting for years. We provided ideas on cleaning methods, bio-friendly chemicals and polishing liquids.


Our happy customers spread the good news about us and that has expanded our business over the years. Come have a deal with us today.

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Our Training & Use of Technology

Training is important to us because it is the way will create superb quality floor installation and maintenance.


We work with flooring experts that have passion for their job and ready to get on the floor to deliver professional quality.


This makes us proud in producing superb floor -  total quality that speaks for itself.

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Our Ethics

As we do our business, we believe that we owe our customers the responsibility to deliver our job with good behaviour, courtesy and respect for their privacy.


We also respect all rules and regulations of the location where we work.


We adhere strictly to social distancing measures of the Coronavirus pandemic and other hygiene measures.


We treat the environment with conservation in mind. For this reason, We support the re-use and recycle of flooring materials where possible or proper disposal of useless materials.


Our Service Locations

Superfloor is located in County Galway. As a matter of proximity, we serve immediate locations - Galway City and nearby towns.


However, you should give us a call to see if we are available to reach your location. customers have reckoned with our amazing quality deliverables that give them unparalleled satisfaction. 

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